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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop - Round 2

This weekend I took a bus trip to complete the SW section of the Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop. For a complete list of the SW section shops please visit here. The bus that I was on was full of really great ladies that were ever so friendly. I didn't have a 'buddy' on the trip but there were a few of us that got paired up once we were on the road. I had the chance to meet ladies from both Sioux Falls and Crooks which was awesome :)

Since I was on the road I didn't have sewing time so here are a few shopping haul pictures!

Here are all of the fabrics that I picked up on my travels.

Patterns and books - ahoy!

A few of my other purchases didn't make it into the pictures since they will become gifts but you will see them sooner than later. 

Happy sewing!

Angela S.

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