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Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Day Snow

My May Day began with looking out the window and seeing snow! 

I could not believe it...but it is South Dakota so anything goes :)

This week I have been working on a new 'Have It All' Wallet. The fasteners and I were not agreeing so I made a trip to JoAnn's and got a different type to make it work. While in JoAnn's I got distracted by all of the cool licensed fabrics. I ended up getting some Disney Cars fabric to make up some pillowcases. 

Once I got home I started doing some spring cleaning in the sewing room which was scary....and probably more than a Wednesday night project given the huge mess in there right now. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. 

My goals for the weekend are to make my quilt guild blocks, bind my curvy table runner, bind my small quilt and finish up 3-4 pillowcases. 

Happy May!

Angela S. 

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