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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lazy Girl Candice Bag

My fabric stash got the best of me this weekend and I just had to make myself a bag :)

I received a gift card for the fabric shop in Aberdeen at Christmas time and made good use of it right away. I had originally planned to make the Professional Tote by The Creative Thimble however after going through the pattern I realized that I wasn't quite up to the task. I ended up using the Candice pattern by Lazy Girl Designs instead. 

I love patterns from Lazy Girl because they always have lots of pictures for me to follow. From cutting the fabric to throwing the bag over my shoulder it took about 6 would have been 5 however I initially made the pocket for my planner going vertically and with the zipper it didn't fit. I, of course, didn't figure that out until I had already stitched close the bottom seam. So I took that apart, did a little seam ripping, installed the new pocket stitches and went on with life - no big deal :)

The only change that I made to the pattern was to make the front and back of the bag look the same. If i had followed the pattern the backside of the bag would only be the tortoiseshell print and there would be no pocket. I thought having pockets on both sides would be great. 

I love all of the pockets! The pattern gives you great information on how to make the large pocket so that it will fit a planner, iPad, Nook or whatever you would like.  

The fabric that I used is from Tula Pink and the line is called Salt Water

 I hope you are all staying warm out there. Personally I will not be upset if I get snowed in and have to sew all weekend!!

Angela S.  

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