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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sewing for a cause!

This past Saturday I was invited by my friend Gerri Lynn to come and sew up some make-up bags with her. The bags that she was sewing are for the annual 'Make-A-Difference Day' event that Heirloom Creations hosts at their store. 

The past few years I have not made any bags but I did go to the store to help fill the bags up. The bags are filled with travel-size shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant and a comb. Here we are filling up the bags last year! For the 10th annual event Heirloom Creations provided 1,250 of these make-up bags to Children's Inn and other charities in the community. It's a really exciting day at the store...mostly because the young Girl Scouts are there helping fill the bags and then also because we are trying to beat our total from the year before :)

Charity Gift Bag Event - 2011
I wasn't sure how much help I was really going to be to Gerri Lynn and her friends but I figured I would just be sewing at home anyway so why not go hang out with some other gals. We had an awesome day of sewing....mostly because we were fueled by some great food! Gerri Lynn and her husband Ken had a system worked out so that while he was cutting fabric, she was putting in zippers and I was sewing. Our other friend Deb was either putting in zippers or sewing the side seams of the bags with me depending on how far behind I was getting :) 

Sewing and chatting away!

All in all we finished 270 of these bags! With the three of us sewing and Ken cutting it took about 7 hours but that's also accounting for my wonderful caramel roll breakfast and then our wild rice soup lunch mmmm mmmm good. Just imagine what a larger group of ladies could do! Also Deb and I were just using sewing machines and I would imagine that a serger would make quick work of those bags.

270 bags ready to be filled
If you would like to help fill the bags this year the event will be on Saturday, October 27th from 10am until the 'fillings' run out! Check out the Heirloom Creations link below for more information: 

11th Annual Make-A-Difference Day – Charity Gift Bags

If you would like to help actually make the bags for the next Make-A-Difference Day event here is a link with the bag instructions:

Charity Gift Bag Sewing Instructions

These bags are such a nice size that you probably even have scraps that you could put together to finish a couple of them. Donations of the bags and 'fillings' are accepted throughout the year. 


If this isn't something that interests you - no biggie!
I have to tell you that sitting and sewing with friends is an awesome way to spend time
no matter what you are making :)


Happy quilting!


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