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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Lorax in Progress and a Fat Quarter Runner

I started the weekend by working on my Lorax quilt. I switched a few of the borders around and this is the arrangement that I decided on. I am planning on putting two borders around this quilt in order to bring it to a better size. The first border will be a brown pattern in a 5 inch length and then a 3 inch pieced border will go around that. I need to pick up the brown border and a backing fabric so this is probably going to make an appearance again at a later date once its all quilted and pretty :)

I had picked up a few cool things when I was shop hopping last weekend and I put together the table runner this morning. The pattern I used is called Fat Quarter Table Runner V from Out of The Blue. This pattern is labeled as "Quilt-As-You-Sew" which means that now I only have a binding to put on and it will be complete! I would advise new quilters against using directional fabrics. The coffee fabric that I was using ended up working out fine but I did adjust the pieces a few times so that they all went the same way.

You make several different cuts of each of the fabrics. Post-it notes would be helpful here.

After piecing together the fabrics I wanted to make sure that they fit properly on the backing/batting.

All trimmed up and looking good!

Close-up of the great fabric :)
This afternoon I plan on putting together the apron to go along with this runner. The apron will be the coffee fabric along with the red-dot fabric and that will be one wedding gift off of my list!

I am going to try and work on a casserole carrier today as well so we'll see how that goes. The pattern that I will be using for the casserole carrier is from Brenda's Quilts and it's called Home Cooking Casserole Carrier & Table Runner. I am thinking that I will make the 8x8 carrier instead of the 9x13. Depending on how that turns out it may end up being a gift as well. I think it would be really cute to give the carrier, a pan and then a few recipes or a baking mix as a shower gift.

Happy holiday weekend - I hope that you all get to spend your extra time quilting like me!


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