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Monday, May 14, 2012

Kermit Confessions and Grocery Shopping

So about the Kermit bag from this weekend. Let me be the first to tell you that cutting up your favorite bag is not really advisable and that I was very nervous about it. While the project did turn out in the end it was not without a little bump in the road. I purchased the Quilts and More  - Summer 2012 magazine right off of the newsstand and used the pattern that was printed in there. Turns out the pattern was missing an important feature that I needed. I ended up just estimating a measurement for the bag which turned out but I thought that the editors should know what was missing.

 I sent an e-mail to them not really expecting a reply and what do I find in my inbox this afternoon? An e-mail reply from Jill Mead, editor at Quilts and More saying that they are sorry for the error. She then sent me a pdf of the revised pattern(which is the one I linked to earlier) and offered to send a copy of the bookazine All Small. I don't believe that I have seen those in stores here so that should be a treat. All in all what an awesome customer experience!

If you are not familiar with either Quilts and More or American Patchwork & Quilting go and check out their website here. They have tons of free patterns, loads of pictures for inspiration and my favorite, a quilting radio show! The radio show is available live or you can get it as a podcast to listen to later. The host Pat Sloan is always interviewing interesting people and I have learned so much just by listening to other quilters talk about their passions.

I thought I would also show my latest grocery shopping trip with you all. Some of these are from a fat quarter bundle that I purchased off of clotilde and the rest I picked up at Heirloom. The grapes that I picked up must have somehow rolled off of the cutting table. All counted I have 22 fat quarters of this fabulous fabric. I am invited to a few weddings this summer so I am thinking that I will cut some charm sized(5 inch) squares off of each fat quarter and make table toppers but we'll see.

Happy Monday!

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