Beginner's Quilt-Along

Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 Yard Quilt and the Lorax

I started piecing together my 5 Yard Quilt last night and I love this pattern. It is so simple to put together and the instructions read very easy. I had said earlier that I purchased this as a kit from Always Your Design when they were at the Brookings Quilt Show but I forgot to mention how many different kits they had. I love getting kits because I feel like there is less fabric waste and less going into the twilight zone of my fabric stash. 

I have not made it to this store in person yet however they are definitely on my list. They are consistently updating Facebook with new fabrics, new kits and other general goings-on in their shop. At the quilt show I also picked up a fabric book panel from them which I am hoping to get to soon. Another thing I have noticed with their kits is that they provide several different kinds of kits for the same pattern. I saw a few girly/teen kits, some brights, batiks and then neutrals so it’s a nice mix that they provide. Now that I have this pattern I think it would be very easy to pick out my own 5 yards of fabric and make another quilt. I will take photos of how much I am fabric I am left with as far as scraps go.

Last night I was able to finish all of the ‘A’ blocks for the quilt so tonight I will be working on the ‘B’ blocks. Also I got a hair last night so I decided to start working on my Dr. Seuss ‘The Lorax’ panel quilt. I have cut out each of the quilt pages and now I’m working on giving them borders. I think  I am going to make each block 12x12. There are 10 quilt pages so I’m not sure yet how I will end up arranging them so I will have to do some brainstorming. I have several baby quilts to make and Target has some Lorax baby clothing so hopefully I can get some cute things put together.

SPOILER ALERT: If you get a baby gift from me within the next few months, you can pretty much bet it will have something to do with Dr. Seuss. However with as much shop hopping as I will be doing this summer – who knows!
Fabric: Coffee Cats by Henry Glass Fabric
Fabric: The Lorax by Robert Kaufman Fabrics



  1. Did you finish your Lorax quilt?! I am trolling the internet trying to see what everyone else has done with their fabric, to get some inspiration.

    1. Hello! I did end up finishing the Lorax quilt. Here is the link to the final pictures of it.